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20th July 2020
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We love face-to-face experiences – from exhibitions, to competitions, to conferences; there is something really special about getting people together to connect in one place.

However, of course Covid-19 has meant this simply isn’t possible at the moment.

That’s why we have been working hard with our clients to enable them to continue to communicate to their external and internal audiences in a ‘remote world’.

One of these solutions is virtual conferencing.

The technology part is pretty straightforward really: you take some cameras, an internet connection, some hardware, a platform to stream to…and away you go. And at Big Sound Marketing we have the technology and expertise available and ready.

But what makes a successful virtual event comes down to so much more than just hardware and software. In fact, it’s the same as what makes a successful real-world event: it’s about planning, delivery, and creative content which informs and engages.

Working across our client base, despite the challenges of a global pandemic, we’ve been able to deliver virtual meetings, conferences, product launches and more – making sure our client’s messages continue to be heard despite the audience not being in the same room.

To find out more about breathing new life into your next virtual event, just get in touch.


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