Six Reasons To Say Yes To Video Marketing

26th March 2019
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By Big Sound Marketing Video Producer, Greg Lee

In recent years the number of businesses using video as part of their marketing strategy has grown considerably. 2018 in particular was a great year for video, with many smaller companies finally (and thankfully) embracing social media marketing and realising the benefits of engaging content to their business.

But what is it about video in particular that makes such a big impression on an audience, and how can you guarantee a return of investment? I’ve put together a list of the top six reasons why our clients choose video.


It’s a shameless show-off

When deciding exactly where and how to display your engaging content there is no denying that no other medium holds your attention like video (unless you include interpretive dance). In fact, one study showed that video ads on social media were the most effective way of getting the word out about your brand or product – even more so than recommendations from friends and family members.


Video’s reach is massive

Whether a high-budget advert on the big screen or a personalised birthday message on a tiny screen on your wrist, video can be adapted to fit almost any device. This means you can reach your audience regardless of where or how they consume their content – cooking dinner, on the bus, even whilst out for a run. With video your message can be shared anywhere, anytime.


The ultimate educator

Nothing explains your subject better than video can…

Okay, I may be a little biased here, but video is definitely one of the best story tellers. Whether it be a keynote speech or an infographic, basic principles or a complex subject – few other mediums can explain and display your important ideas and information in as concise and engaging a format as video.


No social awkwardness here

Ask yourself what the majority of the shared content on your social newsfeeds is and the chances are it’s video, or video related. Social video generates as much as 12 times more shares than text and image combined and users are sharing more video online than ever before; it’s engaging, it’s entertaining and it provides the path of least resistance when getting your message to the customer.


Marketing Superhero

Video is the marketing triple-threat. It has the power of being able to combine word, image and sound into one. Film, text, graphics, music, spoken word, animation – you name it, video can do it, combining multiple mediums and giving your message that killer punch.


Google heart video

The prized top three spots on any google search results page receive up to 57% of all clicks for that topic, so it’s important to get your website positioned above that of your competitors.

A lot of businesses have achieved this by creating quality video content on their website and social media platforms. This gives websites a big thumbs up from Google and results in a boost in the rankings – more site traffic, more link clicks and more time spent devouring your content, which in turn gains a bigger thumbs up from Google.. and the cycle continues. SEO gold!

So, there’s six of my many reasons why video is an important ingredient in your marketing mix. If you would like to know more about how to make video work for your business, give us a call on 0800 080 7928, or email to arrange a consultation.

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