BSM’s Favourite Marketing Campaigns of the Year

16th December 2019
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2019 has been a crazy year, right? From Theresa May resigning to Beyoncé’s Homecoming Netflix special – we’ve had it all.

In an attempt to remember all the fun things that have happened in 2019, the Big Sound Marketing team have listed their favourite marketing campaigns from this year.


Mark Vigil, Managing Director – Spotify’s “Listen like you used to” campaign

Spotify recently lead us down a nostalgic path with their “listen like you used to” campaign that has fun comparing past and present lifestyles.

Mark comments, “Very funny and relatable content which ‘memeified’ physical advertising space. A great example of an offline campaign getting loads of traction in the online space too.”


Rebecca Dale, Account Executive – Innocent’s Blue Drink campaign

Innocent launched a new “Bolt from The Blue” smoothie, but Twitter had other thoughts of what colour the smoothie really was…

Which lead to what we must say is the best use of an early 2000’s popstar in this campaign video…



Kieren Owen, Senior Account Executive – Silence the Critics, IKEA



Ikea worked with Grime Legend, D Double, to create a diss track for a tatty home to tell people to upgrade their home to “silence the critics”. Some of the lines are priceless, “your house looks like it’s been hit with a bulldozer – if your house was a car it’d get pulled over”. This advert is well-timed with the new “Top Boy” and the “Blues Story” film, a great way to be relevant and get people talking.


Hannah Smith, Account Manager – Celebrations Bounty-Gate.

Confectionery brand Celebrations have hilariously trolled its customers with the chocolates offered behind the first two doors of its advent calendar.

Hannah comments, “So simple, so cheeky, and so affective that I can’t stop giggling about it!”


Becky Parkes, Senior Account Executive – Innocent’s Conker Milk (Don’t Eat Conkers)

Another one for Innocent! Innocent made a slight error when they jokingly announced that they were creating another dairy alternative  – conker milk. They soon realised that consuming conkers is actually quite poisonous and thus, an incredible reverse campaign ensued.

Is it bad that we still kinda want to try a conker…?


Martin Pidsley, Digital Account Manager – KFC’s Twitter Account

Although not strictly a campaign, Martin has gone for KFC UK & Ireland’s Twitter account. He comments, “Their 2019 social strategy, especially on Twitter has made me laugh more times than I care to admit. Irreverent chaos, unperturbed by diminishing engagement rates.”


Greg Lee, Videographer – Peloton Christmas Advert.

Greg definitely chose this advert just to be annoying. There are no words…


Jack Mc Phillips, Graphic Designer – Ryan Reynolds American Aviation Gin advert.


This just goes hand in hand with the Peloton advert! In his true comedic fashion, Ryan Reynolds took the Peloton advert backlash and turned it into a campaign for his gin by using the same actress, Monica Ruiz. Well played, Ryan, well played…


We hope you enjoyed our 2019 round-up!


From everyone here at Big Sound Marketing – we hope you have an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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