Our top seven takeaways from Social Day 2019

10th May 2019
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At the beginning of May we jumped on a train and headed down to Social Day 2019, a three-day social media marketing conference in London.

This year the conference saw keynote speakers from Facebook and Instagram, Guinness World Records, On The Tools, Snapchat and Twitter to name a few, and with three days filled with creative insights and live case studies, the event was definitely one not to be missed.

But for those of you who did miss it, here’s a list of our top five takeaways from SocialDay19.

You don’t own your audience

Kubb&Co Founder Chris Kubbernus put social media into perspective, saying “You don’t own your audience and they don’t own you. You rent your audience and pay rent through engaging content.” It’s not about racking up one-time likes and follows. Build an online presence that makes your social media ‘tenants’ want to stay.

Give your marketing a voice

With voice assistants like Alexa and Siri becoming more and more integrated with brands and marketing, Co-Founder of Avviso Media, Stuart Hall, asks us to consider if video and text is enough anymore. According to Stuart, listeners will engage with a podcast for an average of 30 minutes – that’s 20 times the length of the 1:30 minute corporate videos on your Facebook page. Is it time you got behind the mic?

‘Impressions are a B******t metric’

Fanbytes CEO, Timothy Armoo, reminds us that it’s the companies with the bigger budgets who are seeing the most impressions on their social media posts. For those relying more on organic reach or who have a limited spend for social, the focus should be less on impressions and more on results – Who liked your page, clicked your link or bought your product as a result of your social marketing?

Twitter isn’t dead

A couple of years ago it seemed Twitter was to follow the steps of MSN and Myspace and quietly fade into the past, but according to VP EMEA for Twitter, Bruce Daisley, as many as 40% more people are using Twitter compared to four years ago. Twitter is on the up and better than ever for; Launching a new product, connecting with what is happening when it happens and becoming part of big social and cultural movements.

Still space for traditional marketing

Natalie Shapanis from Cision tells us 75% of journalists say press releases are still key to sharing news, but only a quarter of all pitches they receive are relevant and useable. Much like social media managers, Journalists rely on three main metrics for their articles; readership, engagement and revenue. Before sending a release, consider: will their audience want to read it? Will they want to interact with it, share it and talk about it? Is it content worth paying for?

Know your followers

Social analytics and social listening expert, Julio Silver, believes the key to successful social channels is to understand the voice of the consumer. Take the time to get to know your audience – not just their age, location and occupations; get to know their likes, their hobbies. Who else are they following? What are they passionate about, and where can your brand fit into that?

Social is part of the bigger picture

This tip comes from our very own Managing Director Mark Vigil, who was a guest speaker at Social Day 19 with a presentation on Marketing for B2B.

Mark describes social media as one marketing instrument in a bigger marketing orchestra – it’s all about marketing which is planned, strategic and integrated, using the right marketing instruments together to leverage the most impactful, engaging and successful outcome. Is social media a part of your orchestra?

These are just seven of the many awesome tips and advice we learnt over the course of the three days, many of which we are now integrating into our own social strategies, but if there are any you think we’ve missed feel free to comment below – the more the merrier!

Hopefully we’ll see you next year!

[Images by Edwin Ladd]

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